Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye Tiger, Hello Rabbit

Today is the last day of the year of the Tiger in the Lunar Calendar.  While both my husband and father are Tigers, I can't say that I am sad this year is ending.  It has been a difficult one overall and I can't wait for a new year to start fresh.  And what better place to for a bright start to the new year but Disneyland!  Because of the Nana Bear's school schedule (she gets Chinese/Lunar New Year off as well as a furlough day on Friday), we get a long weekend and decided to once again visit Mickey Mouse's house.

Reflections on the Year that has past:
The Bad:
  • Dealing with the loss of my grandfather from previous year 
  • Various injuries and illness, one as of yet still undiagnosed
  • Passing of my dear husband's grandfather
  • Work is not challenging, yet never ending
  • Extended family drama
The Good:
  • Nana Bear (5 y.o.) and Dare Bear (2 y.o.) finally started playing together, sometimes.
  • Great vacations/camping including Yosemite, Vancouver, BC and Disneyland.
  • Brother-in-law married a wonderful woman on 10/10/10. 
  • Dear husband (Tiger Daddy) has been doing very well at work, effecting change and rebuilding the company in a positive direction.
  • Dare Bear is consistently sleeping through the night.
  • Found my creative drive again.
The Ugly:
  • Gained back all the weight I lost from breastfeeding Dare Bear; back to pre-pregnancy weight. 
  • My home looks like a tornado went through least twice.
Overall, when looking at the good and the bad (and the ugly), this past year hasn't been the worst; it just feels that way.  Lots of good came from it like a new sister (in-law) and great family times for the four of us.  Most of all I reclaimed my creativity and found some confidence in my creativity (though that waxes and wanes with the moon).  I am building a plan (both life and business) to manage all my goals, both short and long term and hope to open an Etsy shop this year.  I guess sometimes we do have to take a step or two back before we can move forward. 

Goals for the New Year:
  • Continue crafting a little every week, if not every day.
    • Hope to complete my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's 1st anniversary gift - two 3D origami Swans from The Craft Penguin. Considering a 1st anniversary only comes once this will be a priority project.
    • Really, really want to complete our Family Cookbook - Tiger Daddy is an excellent cook - but it's been a goal for 2 years running now and still not done, so not holding my breath.
    • Now that I've stock piled some brocade, silk and flannel, need to work on making my blankets and scarves for my shop.
    • Crafts for and with the kids: current project Valentines for Nana Bear's class.
    • I have 20 or so projects and keep find more and more inspiration from all you fellow (and much more creative and wonderful) bloggers. 
  • Keep this blog and my family blog up to date - post at least twice a week here and at least twice a month on the family blog.
  • Take Study for the GRE and hopefully take it.
  • Open an Etsy or Etsy-type shop. 
  • Get my driver's license. 
  • Be a better parent.
  • Find a new job??  sigh
Gung Hay Fat Choy!! (a day early)

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