Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Creative Space: Chain of Hearts

I was purusing Kirsty's My Creative Space at kootooyoo the other day and found a blogger who had crocheted single hearts and stitched them to fabric and made a bunting out of them. She had made it for an auction for the floods. I am ashamed to say I cannot remember whose blog it was that linked to Meet Me at Mikes' tutorial to make Sweet Hearts. I had to mentally convert the directions for US crochet stitches, but eventually I figured it out. I am trying for a trickle effect and started with hearts crocheted 10 chains apart (3) and then 15 chains apart (2-3), 20 chains apart (3), 25 (3) chains apart and maybe even a couple 30 chains apart. I need to press the hearts so they don't curl in on themselves (as you can tell in the picture).

I am playing around with lengths and size of the hearts by changing how loose I crochet. The bottom most hearts are the tightest and I am trying loosen as I go up, so the hearts get bigger. Though, as I type, I think that I should make the bottom most hearts the loosest (biggest) and get tighter as I go up.

Not sure what I am going to do with the various chains. Maybe I'll attach them to a hoop and hang from the ceiling. Or attach to a rod, hang above the kids' bedroom door like a curtain. I'll take any suggestions.

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  1. They look so pretty. I can imagine them hung from a ceiling - multiple strands hung around each other just long enough to touch the top of your head!!

  2. @Rie - that's a great idea. I love the visual of them just skimming the top of my head. Thanks!

  3. Very cute! How big are they - they'd made lovely earrings or necklace or bracelets!!

  4. Cute! I wanted to crochet a few hearts myself, but I've just realized I'm running out of time! :)

  5. These chains take no time at all. I sat in front of the TV last night a dashed out about 3 chains (2-3 feet in length) in about 90 minutes.

    @Jill, the hearts are about 1.5 inches at the widest point and 1 inch tall. Earrings sound like a great idea!