Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crocheting Flower Bracelets

One of the projects on my list is to embellish headband/hairclips with crocheted flowers. It was inspired by Creative Jewish Mom. So I googled Crochet flowers and found this link for three different flowers. I tried out the first one for a String of Flowers and decided I could modify it a bit and make flower bracelets in rainbow thread for Nana Bear's classmates.

Modification: I made it a five petal flower instead of the instructed four.  I chained 34 stitches to begin with to have enough room to tie in the end and chained 30 at the end for the same purpose. 

I gave one to Nana Bear to try on by tying it on like a friendship bracelet. Wondering what I can do to make a better "clasp"... will have to think on it a little. Looks good, though, and fits just right. They're fast and easy to make.

I'm thinking that I can sew it to a crocheted backing or felt and attach to a hair clip.  Ideas, ideas, ideas... so many ideas, so little time.

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