Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Project Idea: Dry Erase Board Carrier

Dare Bear, just turned two last month, loves to draw... espeically on dry erase boards.  For Valentine's day, I bought him a Backyardigans travel dry erase board.  I have yet to see the product, but I got to thinking during my lunch break, that I could make a portable dry erase board set, similar to a crayon caddy.  It's still in the brainstorm stage, but I think it is very doable.  It wouldn't be "cheap" to make since I would need to buy the dry erase board - though you can buy uncut/unfinished, so to speak, dry erase board for fairly cheap.  I don't own or have space for an electric saw to cut it on, however. 

My first thought was to cover a binder with fabric.  On the left hand side would be pockets for a number of the fat dry erase markers and on the right side would be where I would attach the dry erase board. My thought with the binder is that the dry erase boards are heavy and would need something heavy duty to hold it.  However, as I type, I'm thinking I could detach the writing surface, the actual board from the case and it would be lighter and then the entire product would be lighter.  The right side of the carrying case could be a window that I slide the board behind.  I think I will cover the fabric with vinyl so if the markers bleed or Dare decides to dry outside the box, as he often does, it will be easy to clean.  hmm... ideas, ideas...  I can't wait to spec this out!

Edited: I can't believe my luck!  This evening when I got home a Discount School Supply catalog was waiting in my mail box and in it, double sided dry erase boards - one side is blank and the other side has a space for drawing and have two ruled lines for writing!!!  What perfect timing.  They are $2.79 each, so way cheaper than I had first anticipated.  Also found dry erase makers and crayons in the catalog.  So now I just have to figure out my design, which is easier said than done apparently.  A big part of the problem is I am spacially uncoordinated - I have a hard time figuring out how objects will look when rotated in any direction without physically rotating it.  So, when it comes to how to sew this together, I have a hard time figuring out which sides I want to keep unsewn and what layer and direction to place the handles.  It makes me cross-eyed.  But I have a rough plan and just have to get some measurements and finish the nitty gritty.


  1. I LOVE these types of fortuitous bargains. I had a similar situation with a pair of jeans recently. The Bebito loves the etch-a-sketch type of drawing too. We have a small one we keep for the pram or the car. So handy.

    I'm so pleased you found the post on "hitting" at my place and I really hope it helps. There was nothing that worked for us until that. It didn't happen immediately and we still have relapses but it's worked on the whole. :)

  2. Good luck working out the design. My kids love dry erase boards, too.