Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's Inspiration: Scrabble Tile Art from Waste Not, Want Not

A few months ago an auto mishap (no one was injured) made cleaning out my parent's garage imperative.  During the clean up I found many treasures from my childhood through college years - letters from old friends, pictures, greeting cards from various occasions, etc.  I also found two boxes of board games my parents had boxed up and saved for me, which had completely forgotten about.  Of those games was Scrabble, which I have since replaced in my own home, but I could not let those wonderful letter tiles go.

Since finding it, Scrabble has sat atop my dresser waiting to be used for some crafting purpose.  I've considered doing wall art or jewelry, but nothing has really clicked.  (ie I have not gotten off my butt to do anything with it) 

Today's inpiration comes from Waste Not, Want Not and her 20 Min Craft Project.  I love the simplicity of the project and the sentiment of her words.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  It pushes me back towards a wall art project.  Still need to find an occasion... but the wheels are turning again and hopefully  the light bulb will go off brightly. 

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