Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Creative Space: Household Insanity

No pictures for this week's Creative Space yet.  We might update a little later with pictures from yesterday.  Our household is usually pretty crazy, but this week has been pretty insane. Dare Bear had a cold last week, which he gave to me.  While I have not been overwhelmed by it, I do have this nasty cough that just won't go away and has been interrupting my sleep.

Then Nana Bear come down with the flu on Friday and spent the whole three day weekend fighting a 104 fever, which is by far the highest her fever's been in years.  So yesterday she and I stayed home. It was mostly a pleasant day.  She watched TV and then inventoried her new arts and craft supplies from school.  She was very taken with the index cards and practiced writing between the lines on a bunch of cards.  I took this time to use the nice clean space on the floor of her room to cut (and pinned) some fleece and flannel for a blanket for Dare Bear as well as cut some flusible fleece for another project. 

Then came the lunch time meltdown.  Ka-boom we both went complete with tears and yelling.  Finally we both found some quiet space and had lunch.  Both our moods improved significantly and after a little more TV, Nana Bear took a nap without any fuss.  While she slept I ironed the fleece to my project, and vinyl to another project.  So, overall a very crafty day and except for the midday meltdown, quiet peaceful.

So the weekend was spent keeping the kids calm and restful.  I did do a little crocheting this weekend and want to try crocheting with beads to emblish my bracelets and pins.   Also did get to see The Mechanic (Jason Statham is just so... yummy) with Tiger Daddy too, while my mother-in-law watched the kids. 

Today, I have a minor procedure scheduled this afternoon, so we'll see how I feel later and how much crafting that I get done for the rest of the week. 

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