Thursday, March 24, 2011

National Craft Month Coming to a Close

There's a week left to March, but for me National Craft Month is coming to a close.  Tomorrow we will be heading to the Northwest to visit Tiger Daddy's family.  I will be bringing some crochet projects with me, but as Tiger Daddy is vehemently opposed to me crocheting the car, I don't know how much crafting I'll get to do.  On the flip side, I'll probably get to finish The Wizard's First Rule (Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth Series Book 1) and at least start the 2nd book. 

This month has been pretty successful considering how sick I was at the beginning of the month.  My goals of the month (revised due to the illness) were pretty low key:
*Complete shamrock keychains for Nana Bear's class - found a cute pattern at Lion's Brand Yarn used Sarahndipities' shamrock bunting pattern and modified to be a fourleaf clover (see my post here with the modifications)
*Finish Dare's blanket
*Finish diaper pouches
*Finish make-up bags
*Blog at least once or twice a week.

Then as the month went on I added:
*Finish Nana Bear's blanket
*Make blanket for Tiger Daddy's grandma
*Make 1st b-day gifts for friend's twins

Of the above the only two goals I didn't meet were finishing the diaper pouches and the birthday gifts.  Also, I had to "fix" my sewing machine - a pin got stuck inside and I had to open it up and find the pin (not really a fix, but I was a little apprehensive about opening up the machine for the first time... I also cleaned it for the first time too) - and worked up enough courage to try the pressure foot to sew the zippers for the make-up bag.  So, I'm growing my crafting skills.

I found a wonderful crochet Easter Egg pattern at Easy Makes Me Happy (click here to see the awesome embellishments she added to her eggs) and hope to finish crochet flower ponytail holders (Crochet flower pattern from Measured By the Heart) for our friends' daughters, who we will be visiting on our trip.  So all in all, National Craft Month has been very crafty for me.  I hope to continue at this pace - I would like to make Easter Eggs for Nana Bear's class and for others and I still need to finish the diaper pouches and the birthday gifts (we missed the party due to scheduling conflict).  Ideally I would like to make some more blankets, some child size, some adult size, and a scarf to sell.  Just need to remind myself not to rush.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Thanks for following me....I am following you now too. I hope you have a great trip!! Super cute blog, I love the watercolors!!--connie,