Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creative Space: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Finished!  Get to cross off another goal for March.  My four leaf clover key chains turned out well.  However, they aren't really key chains as I used book rings because they are easier and cheaper (on short notice) than key rings.  They are for Nana Bear's class so I thought that it would be easier for the kids to open these than prying the other key rings open.

So far the luck of the Irish has been with me this week.  In addition to these faux key chains, I cut the fabric for two placements for my college roommate's twins who just turned one.

I used the yellow chick from the above (Scribble  Panel Pink from Fabric. com) and will applique it to a pink background for their little girl.

And the Puppy in the boat (One The Move Panel also from and will use a yellow background for their little boy.

At first, when I saw these panels, I wondered what people could make from them.  And then a few weeks ago the light went on and eureka! I got it.  There are so many applications for these panels. The individual squares can be used in a variety of functions, including to decorate placemats and t-shirts.  I'm a little slow and unoriginal, but I get it now.  So I'm very excited to use these panels in other crafts.

On a personal note, interviewed for a very interesting, higher level position yesterday and today.  The interviews went really well and more importantly, I find the position very exciting.  It would utilize my administrative skills while allowing me to stretch my social work/counseling skills again.  And since it would be a higher level position, I should also be bringing home more money too.  EXCITING!!  Even if I don't get this position, it's great to know that there are these types of jobs available - I just have to find them.  All-in-all a much better week than last.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all - hope you are blessed with the luck of the Irish as well.

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  1. cute tutorial...your blog is so sweet!! I have a tutorial for a crocheted flower pattern on my blog if you want to check it out