Friday, April 15, 2011

Struggling with Cherry Blossoms

Tonight I did some crocheting as Tiger Daddy listened to music.  Finished another Easter Egg and then decided to try my hand a making a cherry blossom flower... hahaha!!!  FAIL!!!  I am trying to get the petals just right and boy am I struggling with it. If the petal looks right, the flower itself looks too squished and the center is ginormous.  If the flower isn't squished, then the petals just don't have the proportion I am looking for.  (I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.  Right now I'm exhausted)

Well, on the bright side, for us Cherry Blossom ends this weekend with the (2nd) final weekend of the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.  So I fully accept that I will have nothing for this weekend.  I hadn't planned on it so, no big disappointment there.  So, I'll have a whole year to keep working on an original crochet pattern for a cherry blossom.

Variables to work with: Right now my blossoms are coming out looking chunky instead of delicate.   I am using worsted weight yarn.  I am thinking of trying out something lighter, not as chunky.  Play with hook size.

Yet another project to add to the list.

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