Thursday, January 27, 2011

My (Very First) Creative Space

Woohoo! My first Creative Space.  I have been following kootoyoo and My Creative Space since last year and I finally get to link up (I hope). 

The synthetic silk kimono fabric I got from Shibori bought, shipped and received in 5 days! It is about 14.5 iches wide and about 56 inches long.

With the double sided plush fleece (from

This is the finished product.  I cut a piece of fleece to match the Japanese fabric.  Faced right sides together and pinned.  I sewed 3 sides and the corners of the 4th side (leaving the center of the 4th side open).  I turned right side out fixed my 4 corners.  I pinned the opening closed with 1/4 or so hem.  I top stitched the 4th side closed and top stiched 1/4 inch around. Voila!  A (synthetic) silk and fleece wrap/scarf. 

It is a little short for a wrap and a little wide for a scarf, but I'm short (4'9") too.  There are some minor imperfections, I hope to donate this to my daughter's after school program fund raiser.  I hate to be prideful, but I have been patting myself on the back since last night (completed start to finish in 2.5 hours).  My first saleable item (IMHO)!  Etsy here I come (soon). For more Creative Spaces, visit kootoyoo.


  1. I love your almost-wrap-too-wide-scarf. It looks beautiful and comfy! Well-done! Also for joining my creative space. Welcome ;-)

  2. Thank you! beautiful and comfy was exactly what I had in mind.