Saturday, May 21, 2011

Settling In

Life is finally settling back into a routine, slowly but surely.  Last week was my first week at the new job without training wheels, ie my predecessor, to make sure I didn't forget anything.  Aside from one or two little mistakes, the week went well.  My parents came back from their vacation and none to soon as Dare Bear came down with a cold and had to stay home from day care on Thursday.  He promptly gave the cold to Tiger Daddy, who then developed a sinus infection.  It was also Dare's second week at the new day care and he's begun to settle in there too.  So I am at little more at peace and life is a little calmer.

We had planned on going camping, for the first time this year, but due to the germ ridden men in the family, we canceled the trip.  While it's disappointing that we have not yet had our first camping trip of the season, it turned out to be a blessing.  We had beautiful weather and the kids got to play out in the backyard with my dad this morning.  Then Nana Bear got to go visit my grandmother, and unexpectedly, got to go to a friend's birthday party, which just happened to be at the playground my dad took her to after the visit.

Meanwhile, I got to get some prepping done for some projects that have been on my to-do list.  I have a baby shower to attend next month, so I worked cutting the fabric as neatly as possible for a blanket.  My mother-in-law's birthday is coming up next weekend and I need to finish her present.  And finally, I have set a goal of June 1 to "open" Etsy shop, so I cut the fabric for my products and all have have to do is sew them together.  Well, that's not all I have to do: I want to make tags for products, brand them, if you will, so I have to come up with a least a start-up logo.  Oh, and must determine prices...  math, bleh.

The baby shower present:

Just my fleece/flannel blanket, but this time I am attempting to personalize the blanket using some of the left over fleece.  

My Etsy project: 

Hopefully these will turn out to be dop kits for the men or make-up bags for women...

So all-in-all, this weekend home, so far, has been very productive and relaxing.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to finishing some of my Etsy products.

Happy Crafting!

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